Postcard Printing Guide

Benefits of  EDDM Postcard Printing


It is a direct way of promoting your business, through the Every Door Direct Mail. In this way you get the postcards printed and then you pick the postal carriers routes, do the paperwork and drop the postcards at the local postal branch. The fee for posting is paid during the mailing process, and you don't even need to acquire and permit for you to be able to use these services.


This process is quite easy and convenient compared to the traditional way. The cost is quite affordable because the charges are very minimal. This helps you in saving. The EDDM can be mailed into small quantities and therefore if you were on a tight budget you will be able to send them still.


You are able to send the mails direct into the hands of the right people, and this helps to make the campaign better. You can choose exactly the routes where you want the postcards mailed. The postman delivers the advertisements to everybody that is on the route he is operating from. This eliminates the guess work as to who will get the mails and when they get the mail as the delivery persons deliver them the following day and this removes the guesswork of whether the deliveries were made.


The EDDM is very business-friendly marketing service and helps in expanding your business through sending the direct mail offers to your potential clients. It increases your sales and the amount leads and also the revenue that your business generates. The Full Service EDDM is economical and makes mailing quite easy. You are able to choose the target clients conveniently, and it is very budget friendly.


Some of the advertising materials that can be delivered through the EDDM are Flyers, postcards, brochures, restaurant menus and postcards. The customers do not have to pay to have their names printed on these adverting materials or buy the addresses. The carriers put the offers in every mailbox on the targeted locations. The small business owners save money through this particular way of marketing to the specifically targeted clientele.  Get the right list and carry the right message directed to the right people, this helps your marketing to be successful. Follow a sequence of a well-planned mailing and avoid repetition of the same card. Create a great bold headline, the success of your campaign will be determined by the uniqueness of your postcards.